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Technical Data

System Requirements

They are so minimal they probably donít concern you, but they are available for inspection. Just click on the above two words.

Download Instructions and Portable Document Format (.pdf) Files

We make it simple: Every order submitted results in an E-mail to you, with the book you ordered as an attached .pdf file.  The first page of that attachment is a (color) cover for your book and the remaining pages are the book itself.  Please save the attachment to a convenient location and remember where you saved it, since you're dealing with an entire book and won't read it all at once.

If you require specific information about .pdf files, please click on the above heading.  If you just want a reader for .pdf files like our books, click here to download a free copy from Adobe, its manufacturer.

New Offerings/Solicitations/Policies

This is a site for one authorís works. Details explain more fully; just click on the above heading to learn more.