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  System Requirements


• You discovered the site using a computer on the Internet – that’s plenty, and the only special software you need is something you can get for free, if you don't already have it.  It's called Adobe Acrobat Reader® and is required to read the books, which are in .pdf format (which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader® [freeware, click here for a copy from its publisher] or  Adobe Acrobat®, its expensive big brother).

 • As a point of information, all books were originally written using Word 2000®.  Since you will read them in .pdf, it doesn't matter.

• You need an E-mail address, because you get books via E-mail with an attachment that is the book ordered.

• Operating system is not important – MS-DOS®, any version of Windows® or Mac® will do.

• Hardware requirements: (1) A 90386 or faster CPU [and that was an Intel unit available fifteen years ago]; (2) At least 4MB RAM [You generally can’t buy such a small quantity today]; (3) At least 2MB of hard drive or floppy space for receiving the download; (4) A modem of 2400 bps speed [typical dialup today is 56K, 24 times that fast, and broadband puts that to shame]; (5) a keyboard and a pointing device, along with a monitor, type not important; and (6) A printer of any type if you wish to print out the books rather than read them from the screen.