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Richest Man on the Planet -  The biography of the greatest man never to walk this earth- An Overview                                             

You may preview  Chapter 52, the first chapter of part 4 of Book 1.  As explained below, Book1 consists of parts 4 and 5.  

You may also preview Chapter 1 , Chapter 6 and Chapter 30, the first chapters of parts 1, 2 and 3 respectively, the three segments of Book 2.

Or you may order  either book via the web page ORDER FREE BOOK NOW.


Imagine the orphan kid who lives out his dream and becomes an IBM computer scientist, only to have it all taken away at age 34 by the US government. He comes back, twenty-five years later, to become the man who leaves Bill Gates in the dust, while making the world better.

Like all our offerings, you wonít find this selection in a bookstore, at least not yet.

"Richest Man on the Planet" is a work of fiction, but with some real peopleís names and real events and places thrown in for artistic sparkle. Itís actually two books, about a fictional characterís entire life, written in five parts. Every part is the start of a new adventure you wonít want to miss.

Parts 4 and 5 [chapter 52 forward] tell the story of the hero at his zenith, "known about" by everyone, but his name, address and picture are unavailable to all but a carefully selected few. This is Book 1, the one you would normally download and read first.

If you like Book 1, you might consider the prequel, Book 2 [parts 1 through 3], which trace his earlier adventures in life, from birth onward.


He made his first ten billion in computers, his next fifteen billion from Wall Street. Then he went after serious money.