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This web site belongs to its owner, James J. Belcher. It only publishes books written by me.

You may see it as a place where you can get a free book, provided you want one of mine. Iíd like to think I write interesting and provocative prose, so you will avail yourself of the chance and read them. Long term, I donít see it as just that. I can virtually promise you there will be more books.

Itís a first step in a new freedom of the press, one never bound (pun intended) by the old rules of publishing economics or the dictates of those espousing political correctness from a few houses in New York City and London. There arenít editors, publishers, bookstores or intermediaries of any sort between my uncensored, unabridged ideas and you the reader.

The web site is easily movable; the books have been distributed via this web site to more than one hundred countries throughout six continents since it was started in late-1998. The server computer for this site is literally halfway around the world from my normal residence [although I have lived at least a month on five of the seven continents in the last half ten years].

I see it as an example. Your ideas, be they political, religious, or otherwise, can be disseminated to humanity throughout the world via the Internet on a site you create, as I have done with this one. I have a low-cost hobby that gives me pleasure, so I will not charge for books distributed via the Internet, but someday I may have one or more of my works conventionally published.

May your Gods go with you,