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  Downloading Books and Portable Document Format (.pdf) Files


We aim to keep things simple: (1) You order a book by completing and submitting an order form; (2) You receive E-mail that has an attachment, your book, for you and your family to read on the computer screen or to print out and read, as you prefer.  

These are full-length books, not one or two-page documents you will read and delete.  You'll want to save the books where you can find them to read and print later, not just open the file and later close it (erasing it from your computer).  You will have to save the files yourself through the appropriate mouse-clicks, whether to your C: drive, in /My Documents, or elsewhere, so please remember the file name and where you saved it.

What is a .pdf file?

It is the most common form of file intended to be downloaded on the Internet.  Most forms downloaded from the Internet, including almost all government forms, are in .pdf format.  It was chosen for use with this Internet site because it's common, convenient and, if you don't have the software to read such files, it's available free.

I don't have (or whether I have) the software to read these files.  How do I get it?

It's free, called Adobe Acrobat Reader®, and comes from Adobe®, the company that produced it.  Click here to obtain your copy.

How do I view (and read or print) the .pdf file containing the book I ordered?

Go to the folder where you stored it, look for planet.pdf, planet2.pdf, magic.pdf, fb.pdf, alex.pdf, dhwee.pdf or LL.pdf.  Your operating system may or may not show the ".pdf" suffix to the file name; don’t let that concern you. Just double-click.