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Laughing Last - Just think, they once laughed her out of school - An Overview  

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She was Freak and he was Runt and they were the couple everyone at Creighton Secondary College hated.

Now she's the soon-to-be-legendary model and they will hate her even more (or will they?)






Like all our offerings, you won’t find this selection in a bookstore, at least not yet.

Camilla Johnson's grandfather was named Johannson, so it wasn't unexpected that she'd be born blond and blue-eyed, tall and with a big smile.

Puberty came hard, with a blossoming chest and an "unreal" vertical dimension, along with a reactionary eating disorder that earned her the moniker of Freak to her classmates.

After a year-plus of hard work, diet, exercise, cosmetic surgery, and everything else, she became a model.  For her first big ad campaign, she was incognito and set to address the class from which she never graduated.





From the fitness nuts she had to live with to the cosmetic surgeon who tried to hit on her, Cammie found her extreme makeover a rough go.  Yet for all the work she put in, her fiancée had it tougher.

From the least likely to succeed in the least likeliest of places, she climbed her way to the top.  You probably wouldn't be willing to follow in her footsteps.