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Finishing Brushstrokes -the rest of the AWAY trilogy, including the trillion dollar idea and more important notions -An Overview         

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They were the Mom and Pop who ruled the world.  First, he conquered it; then she got herself elected as his successor. Like all our offerings, you won’t find this selection in a bookstore, at least not yet.

Finishing Brushstrokes isn't an easy book to read.  Once started, it's not easy to put down.  There are names and events you've heard before, as points of reference.  Mainly, this is a work with names and events that never were and never will be, narrated by a young Guatemalan newspaper journalist who volunteered to be "kidnapped".

It's chock-full of ideas that will make you think, like The Trillion Dollar Idea [the beginning of one chapter; to read just that episode, click here].

There are only 165 pages in this narrative, but it takes about 50 to really grasp what it's about.  By then, you're hooked, and you realize it's the how and why, together with an outline of the who-when-where.

Of what, you ask?  It's a way [hence the name of the trilogy, AWAY] towards a markedly better and different world.  

If you enjoy Finishing Brushstrokes, you may want to read the remainder of the trilogy, Richest Man on the Planet and The Magic of Change.  They are also available at no charge from this site.