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Daryl Harding and the Quest for Dhwee - An Overview  

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Even his parents didn't understand why a supposedly intelligent kid would graduate from secondary college and withdraw an already accepted university application for admission, just to play with his computer and talk to two mates.  Then he tagged along on a business trip with his Dad to Zimbabwe and, using his Internet knowledge, discovered a clue to the medical find of all time 


Like all our offerings, you won’t find this selection in a bookstore, at least not yet.

"Dumb luck" generally isn't just luck and it rarely sticks with the dumb.  Daryl was given a tough ask and he went for it.

Yes, he was lucky, extremely lucky, but it didn't stop with luck.  He was bright and, given the incentive, smart and dedicated.

As he termed it when he tried to make his first million, he'd found the Holy Grail.  Actually, he found more like a piece of a map, but it was enough to lure investors.




He assembled 45 men, provisions, vehicles, equipment, a professional game expert and three power players from back home in Melbourne.  He would bring it back to civilization.

Or does he?  You'll never guess the ending.