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  Available Selections- To read sample chapters or an overview, just click on the name:

"Laughing Last" - The tall fat girl they laughed out of school, the one they called Freak, gets the extreme makeover to end all.  Now they're not laughing.

"Daryl Harding and the Quest for Dhwee"  - A 19-year-old from Melbourne accidentally stumbles onto the medical find of all time, or at least a map of sorts to get to it.  Now it's up to him to find it.

"Alex, Heaven and Hell - A Story of Murder by Sex" - ADULTS ONLY - Tragicomedy, a tabloid journalist run amok in a harem
The AWAY trilogy:

"Richest Man on the Planet"  - The biography of the greatest man never to walk this earth

"The Magic of Change"  - Changes to people that saved the world

"Finishing Brushstrokes"  -The rest of the AWAY trilogy, including the trillion dollar idea and more important notions  

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