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Alex, Heaven and Hell - A Story of Murder by Sex - An Overview  

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You would think that being a tabloid reporter, always being where you aren't wanted, would be enough stress.  Now you're in an Arab sheik's harem, enjoying the delicacies, knowing your life is in danger if you're unmasked for who and what you are. But you only go around once in life, so . . . . .

Like all our offerings, you won’t find this selection in a bookstore, at least not yet.

Alex Fortesque (not his real name), who's Jewish, managed to finagle an invitation from an Arab sheik for two weeks of unlimited harem frolics.  And at no cost, to boot!   Does he:

(a) Just sample everything, kosher and otherwise? or

(b) Do the outrageous things the sheik wouldn't even try? or

(c) Find out why the sheik's cardiologist made him cut down his daily intake? or

(d) Become the world's most controversial murder victim?


Romeo and Juliet?  Not.  And no, the story doesn't end the way you'd expect, but it ends the way it should.  If he were to get a second chance, Alex would read the fine print.  For you the reader, the fine print is the Author's Note, the book's last two pages.